Twitter for mobile is getting a true black night mode

Twitter for mobile is getting a true black night mode

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Twitter is imperfect in a lot of ways and CEO Jack Dorsey accepts the platform’s and his own inadequacies. The executive has been making several promises to fix many feature broken features on Twitter – other than the lack of an edit button. For starters, Twitter is fixing the Night Mode which has always felt weird because of its dark blue shade. Starting today, Twitter is rolling out a truer night mode called “Lights out” for iOS users.

Since a lot of people love the dark blue color, Twitter is not doing away with it but actually adding a Lights out feature as part of the existing night mode. On iOS, the feature can be switched on by opening the side drawer and hitting the lightbulb icon at the bottom. Meanwhile, those using tweeting on their Android smartphones or via the web will still have to be satisfied with the dark blue color.

Since Apple switched to AMOLED displays with the iPhone X, the feature could especially be liked by those who use an iPhone X or XS – not the XR which still uses an LCD. At the same time, the black color will also camouflage the notch on the iPhone X. Not only that, the dark mode should also be kind on your eyes as well as the battery of the iPhones.

True black night mode coming to Twitter for Android soon

Even though the color on the Android app seems to have gotten darker over the last year, it is not quite there yet. Twitter has told Engadget that the night mode will be coming to the Twitter app on Android as well as to the web version “soon“. There is, however, no clarity as to when the feature will exactly be available.

We also hope that Android Q’s system-wide dark mode can override Twitter’s night mode in case the social media company gets distracted by any other controversy or debate on privacy.