Twitter is increasing its Blue subscription price, effective immediately

Twitter is increasing its Blue subscription price, effective immediately

Twitter Blue brought new features to Twitter that were meant to enhance the user experience. Upon launch, the service was priced at $2.99 and offered a decent amount of incentives. But after a little over a year, it looks like prices will now be going up.

Matt Navarra, a Twitter Blue user, shared an email explaining that prices for the service will be going up immediately. The price will remain the same for those currently enrolled in Twitter Blue until October 2022. After that, the monthly price will increase by two dollars; while all new enrollments will see the new and higher pricing. Twitter will reach out one more time to current subscribers before the price hike. This should give users plenty of time to decide whether they want to continue the service. Unfortunately, increased prices for products and services are nothing new, with the trend likely to continue as the world recovers from the pandemic.


Twitter Blue $4.99

According to Twitter, Twitter Blue offers a next-level experience. The service features ad-free articles, a bookmark folder, custom app icons, themes, an undo tweet function, and more. Blue subscribers also gain early access to features that are still being tested. While these features will change over time, as of July 2022, the features include longer and higher resolution video uploads and NFT profile pictures. If this doesn’t like many valuable features, you aren’t alone.

Twitter does state in the email that the price increase will help it build out some of the features that users have been asking for. While it doesn’t detail what exactly is in the pipeline, this could finally mean that Twitter could get an edit button. But we won’t hold our breath. The email was sent out later in the day, so there could be many fresh opinions and reactions when people wake up and see this in the morning.

Source: Matt Navarra (Twitter)

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