Twitter is adding Bookmarks to easily save Tweets you would like to look back on

Twitter is adding Bookmarks to easily save Tweets you would like to look back on

Twitter is one of the more popular social networking platforms out there thanks to its simplicity. Since its launch, tweets were restricted to 140 characters, and even now, Twitter restricts them to 280 characters. In the technology field, Twitter is used by many to keep track of new product announcements, update roll-outs, follow brands to answer polls, keep track of leaks, and more.

However, one major problem that Twitter has had up until now is the unorganized nature of tweets. Tweets are arranged by reverse chronological order, and there is no further way to categorize them. Users also could not save tweets for reading later which meant than when a user published new tweets, their older tweets were pushed further and further behind on users’ timelines, which resulted in users failing to read them.

In October, Twitter acknowledged the popular feature request and stated that it was working on Bookmarks, a feature which would enable users to save tweets for quick access at a later point in time without needing to use the Like button. Now, in a blog post, the company has launched the feature for all users.

The procedure to bookmark is a tweet is: Tap the share icon under the tweet and select “Add Tweet to Bookmarks.” To find the tweet later, tap “Bookmarks” from your profile icon menu.

The company said that users can remove tweets from their Bookmarks at any time, and Bookmarks are private, which means that only they can see what they have bookmarked. This is the major difference between bookmarking a tweet and liking a tweet (which is public).

In addition, the company stated that today’s update has also improved the sharing process. A new “Share” icon on every tweet allows users to bookmark a tweet, share via Direct Message, or share outside the social network. The change means that all the sharing options are now together in one place, which should increase user convenience.

The scope of the new Bookmarks feature is broad. Users can use it to save tweets with links to articles for reading later as well as save tweets to podcasts, videos, and more.

The Bookmarks feature is now rolling out globally on Twitter for Android and iOS, Twitter Lite, and The company stated that user feedback was valuable in building the update, as it learned that users apparently like to save replies so that they can answer later, and they may share tweets hours or days later after they have been bookmarked.

Source: Twitter

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