Twitter’s “Lights Out” dark mode on track to release for Android in September

Twitter’s “Lights Out” dark mode on track to release for Android in September

The engineers at Twitter has been busy chalking out a plan to filter troublesome and complicated tweets by politicians like the US President Donald Trump. It recently flags for politically sensitive (or shall I say insensitive?) tweets so that users can avoid being bothered by remarks that have no place on Twitter but cannot be deleted as they might hamper its definition of public interest. However, if you only visit Twitter for a good laugh, or just to catch up with what’s latest on the newsboard, there’s some exciting development for Android users.

Just like the Night Out (truly black) mode which Twitter introduced for iPhones and iPads earlier this year besides its navy bluish dark mode, the social media will be rolling out the feature for its Android app. Twitter’s VP for Design and Research, Dantley Davis, tweeted out that the Night Out feature will come to the Android in mid-September. The six months setback has obviously dissatisfied users and Davis tells them that this delay is because of “prioritization” of certain projects over this.

What has made Twitter wait is something we’re unsure of but we certainly expect some support for the system-wide dark theme that arrives with Android Q. We have yet to get a glimpse of the feature on Android but the toggle can be expected to be similar to the iOS app. Currently, the Android app only has a Night mode and that has divided users on whether they like the dark blue or want a pitch-black version of the mode, instead. From my observation, the blue has gotten darker since the last year but I would really prefer Twitter all black.

The pure dark mode feature has been much in demand with the growing popularity of AMOLED display, which has now trickled down to a wider range of mid-range devices. The website recently received a new design too and the Night Out feature has been integrated with the new mobile-inspired interface for web.

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