The bird has escaped from its cage: Twitter is currently down

The bird has escaped from its cage: Twitter is currently down

Twitter — the social media platform loved by people for its somewhat minimalistic approach — is currently down. Users across the globe are complaining about their inability to access content posted there. The reports vary depending on unknown conditions, with some users completely locked out of the service and other ones getting partial access to some of its sections. At the time of writing, the company seemingly still hasn’t publicly acknowledged this issue. However, we assume that they’ll work on resolving it sooner rather than later.

Twitter down detector July 2022

The graph on Down Detector displays a surge in user reports in the past few minutes. The comments also indicate that the outage isn’t affecting a specific region. With people sharing their frustration from all over the world, we only hope that Twitter gets its servers back up in the near future.


At XDA, some of us are able to load text tweets — but not those including media. Other team members are unable to load the entire service whatsoever. This outage affects both the website and the dedicated apps. So right now there’s no workaround to access the offline service, and we all have to wait until the engineers at the company fix it.

[UPDATE 7/14/2022 @ 9:00AM EST] Twitter has restored its service.

Less than an hour later, Twitter has restored its service. The website and apps now function as expected, with the loading speeds returning to normal, as well. If you’re still unable to access the platform, try force-closing the app, clearing its cache, or restarting your device. If none of these actions work, just be patient and give it time. In the meantime, you can complain about the matter on Facebook instead.

Are you facing issues when attempting to access Twitter? If so, what kind of problems are they? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Down Detector

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