Here’s what Twitter’s upcoming edit button may look like

Here’s what Twitter’s upcoming edit button may look like

Twitter users have been asking for an edit button for years, and it looks like their wish will be fulfilled pretty soon. Earlier this month, Twitter confirmed that it’s working on an edit button and that it will be made available to Twitter Blue subscribers in the coming months. While Twitter hasn’t revealed much about the feature and how it will work, we now have our first look at the edit button thanks to a leak.

Known reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi managed to get their hands on the upcoming edit button and shared some screenshots showcasing how the feature would look when it rolls out to users.


A tweet with options shown on the right side

After publishing a tweet, users will be able to access the new “Edit Tweet” button from the three-dot menu. Clicking on it brings up your original tweet. From there, you can make necessary edits and hit the blue “Update” button to reflect the changes.

Separately, developer Nima Owji has revealed additional details about the Edit Tweet button. A GIF shared by Owji showcases the entire exercise of editing a tweet. Owji says it’s currently not possible to change the audience of a tweet after it has been published — you can only edit the text content.

It’s unclear whether Twitter will let users change only a small part of the tweet or the entire content. It’s also unclear how many times one could edit a tweet and whether other users could see what was changed and when. Similarly, we don’t know how Twitter will handle retweets and quotes tweets on edited tweets.

Twitter hasn’t confirmed exactly when it plans to start testing the edit button. The feature will be part of Twitter Blue, a subscription service that offers features like the ability to undo tweets, Reader mode, Bookmark Folders, etc., for a fixed monthly fee.

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