First look at how Twitter might handle edited embedded tweets

First look at how Twitter might handle edited embedded tweets

The world has been requesting an edit button from Twitter for what seems like the better part of a decade. While the company has stated that they are working on it, we have yet to see it make an appearance. There is no telling how long it will take before it goes live, but luckily, researcher Jane Manchun Wong has uncovered how embedded edited tweets might look.

Wong states that embedded tweets will either show that they have been edited or that a new version of the tweet is available. If a tweet is embedded in a website and later edited, the embedded tweet on the website will not change or be replaced. The embedded tweet will show that there is a newer version available on Twitter. Furthermore, an edited tweet will show a timestamp, indicating when it was last edited. You can see an example of the aforementioned features in Wong’s simulated tweets below.


Although it seems quite simple to implement a system that will allow for edits, we can see how intricate and complicated it can become. The example above is just for one tweet. Imagine a whole platform of tweets that have been edited, embedded, shared, etc. While there is no hard date, Twitter did state that it is working on it and that it should be rolling out over the coming months.

When it does roll out, it will be reserved for those with a Twitter Blue subscription. Twitter recently increased the cost of its premium service, going from $2.99 to $4.99. While an edit button might be worth the price, the service in its present form offers very little in terms of functional benefits. Some of the features in its current state are access to app icons and themes, a custom navigation, a bookmark folder, longer video uploads, and more. Wong’s findings give a good picture of how tweet edits will look, but there is always time for Twitter to make changes, before its official release.

What do you think? How much is an edit button on Twitter worth to you?

Source: Jane Manchun Wong (Twitter)
Via: The Verge 

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