Twitter is making it easier to dig into others’ Tweet history on iOS

Twitter is making it easier to dig into others’ Tweet history on iOS

Twitter is always testing and launching new features across different platforms. While the company is working on expanding the downvote button to the web, it seems like other changes are rolling out on iOS. We have discovered earlier that a Search @Username’s Tweets button is appearing on the latest (stable) version of the iPhone app.

This new button — located in the top right corner, next to the 3-dot menu — allows iOS users to dig through their own Tweets or any other account’s. When you click it, you get a search field where you can enter the term(s) you’re looking for. Once you hit enter, you will be taken to a screen similar to that of the existent search functionality. There the search term will change to From:Username Term.


So this new button is technically just a shortcut to an existent feature that Twitter users can take advantage of on all platforms. If you haven’t gotten this update yet, you can just type From:Username Term — and obviously change the username and search term to the relevant ones — in the search section already available.

Twitter has been testing and rolling out features selectively based on multiple conditions. For example, their new Communities feature is still invite-only, while Facebook-like Tweet reactions are being tested in Turkey (and possibly other regions). The company is also working on Professional profiles that allow users to turn their accounts into career-focused ones.

Additionally, Twitter has mentioned that Blue — which is currently available in Canada and Australia only — subscribers will get the chance to try new features before free users. So while the premium subscription is still not widely available, Twitter will seemingly continue testing new ones with random audience, in various countries, across different operating systems.

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