Twitter tests “author” label tags to keep better track of conversations

Twitter tests “author” label tags to keep better track of conversations

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Twitter is one of the more popular social networking and interaction sites, and definitely one of the bigger ones that isn’t owned by Facebook or Google. Twitter is far from perfect, and the social networking sites does attempt to fix several of its flaw from time to time. The website finally gave users the option to switch back to the chronological timeline of tweets from the algorithm-based timeline. The Twitter for Android app has also improved over the months, gaining useability features like a bottom navigation bar, and more features like a true black night mode coming soon.

Now, in a feature that a lot of users did not really ask for, Twitter has announced that it is testing label tags in tweets and subsequent replies in order to allow users to keep better track of ongoing conversation.

The labels “mentioned”, “following” and “author” have begun appearing for several people, giving more context on the people who subsequently respond to a tweet. This may not seem like too big of a change, but it will certainly help out in longer conversations and tweet chains.

Since the feature is in testing, there’s no finality in the feature and its current appearance. Some users are complaining that the new labels clutter up the UI, and that they could be smaller. Some others suggest the use of icons to denote the same meaning, similar to how the verified badge works. In its current form, and especially on mobile, the labels do distract from the conversation more than they contribute to it.

If you are still waiting for Twitter to roll out an Edit button for tweets, well, this is not that.

Source: Twitter