[Update 2: Topic Selector on Twitter web] Twitter update lets you follow Topics you’re interested in, not just People

[Update 2: Topic Selector on Twitter web] Twitter update lets you follow Topics you’re interested in, not just People

Update 2 (12/06/19 @ 1:50 AM EST): New Topic Selected to appear on Twitter for web. This lets you follow you choice of Topics that you wish to follow and get top tweets from.

Update (11/19/19 @ 3:45 PM ET): Twitter will soon let you browse a list of topics you can follow.

The original post from November 13, 2019, remains unchanged.

Twitter has a strong gravitational pull and you can’t just occasionally browse, check your notifications, and move over. This is because of the dynamic and instant nature of Twitter and while this can be both engaging and informative, it can also get overwhelming. The astounding flow of information (as well as the banter and the trolling) on the platform can often drown its purpose of always being up-to-date. In an attempt to remedy this, Twitter is announcing a new feature called “Topics” that should help users follow the trends or discussions they are interested in besides following just people.

Twitter will automatically recommend you to follow topics based on your search and interaction patterns on Twitter. When you follow a topic on Twitter, you’ll be able to see tweets from other accounts even if you don’t follow them. For instance, you follow a particular sports team in Topics, you will start seeing tweets from their official handles, their fans, as well as other discussions about the team. The idea behind is to let you see the most “relevant and interesting Tweets” and in the “right amount.

When you search for anything, you’ll see a suggestion to keep a track of that particular topic by pressing the Follow button. You can manage the Topics you follow by heading to the dedicated menu in Twitter’s Settings.

The feature is similar to the ability to follow hashtags on Instagram but much more refined. Twitter has not detailed how they will make sure to serve you the “right amount” of tweets related to the topic and if there’s any criteria basis which they will choose the right tweets. The feature will be coming to Twitter in the coming months but a specific date hasn’t been promised.

Meanwhile, Twitter 8.22.0-beta.01 is already rolling via the Google Play Store and the feature may be available for the beta testers before users on the stable channel can enjoy it.

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One of my friends shared a screenshot of the Topics icon showing up on their Twitter feed (for Android app 8.23.0-alpha.02) here in India but the Follow button in search results is still missing. We cannot say with confidence if this whether this is because of the region but will update the article once we know better.

Thanks to Anmol Sachdeva for the screenshot!

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Update: List of Topics

Rob Bishop from Twitter confirmed that there will be a way to browse a list of topics in the Twitter app. You won’t have to use the Search feature to bring up the topics you’re following. Tweets about these topics will still appear in the Explore section as well. There’s no timeline on when this feature will roll out, but it’s currently in testing.

Update 2: Topics Selector on Twitter Web

Twitter has started testing a Topic Selector menu on Twitter for web. This menu contains a list of topics categorized into broader subjects like Entertainment, Gaming, Technology, etc., and these categories can be expanded for a more expansive list of topics to follow.

The Topic Selector can be accessed from this link. Do note that it might not be available for all users and this is likely to be geo-restricted.

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