Two New Amazon Fire TV Models Releasing Soon

Two New Amazon Fire TV Models Releasing Soon

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The Amazon Fire TV is Amazon’s answer to Android TV boxes and the Google Chromecast. Capable of playing games, streaming content and showing off the Alexa virtual assistant, the device was certainly no slouch. It came in the exact same form as a standard TV box. Soon after the Amazon Fire TV, the Amazon Fire TV Stick came out, following the exact same form-factor as the Google Chromecast. As it was a small device which plugs into your HDMI port on your TV, it was a direct competitor to the Chromecast. Both devices had decent specs.

Now, according to a report from AFTVnews, Amazon is coming back within the next few months with two new Amazon Fire TV models. The first is just an upgraded Fire TV stick with better specs, but the actual TV box steals some ideas from the Amazon Echo line of products.

The Amazon Fire TV has similar technology to the Amazon Echo. With far-field microphones, speakers and an LED light bar, the device is effectively a TV box with Amazon Echo functionality built right in.  There is also reportedly an IR output built in.

According to a leaked benchmark, the Fire TV Stick will come with 1.5GHz quad core CPU with a Mali 450 MP GPU. There will also allegedly be 2GB of RAM and 8GB internal storage. The Amazon Fire TV box looks a lot more premium, though no specs are released yet. The initial leak claims “that it essentially combines the functionality of a Fire TV, an Echo Dot, and an IR emitter”. The Amazon Echo Dot controls can be found on the top of the device.

The reporter claims we should see the Fire TV Stick announced sometime in this or next month, while the flagship TV box is to be announced at an unknown later date. Competitors are always good in an industry, and a real Chromecast or Android TV competitor could be exactly what is needed to improve both platforms. Check out the source of the news below!

Source: AFTVnews