TWRP Available for Supported Devices

TWRP Available for Supported Devices

The TeamWin Recovery Project (or TWRP, for short) has quickly become one of the most popular custom recoveries for Android. Without this fully touch-friendly recovery, it’s really hard to imagine flashing custom ROMs, kernels, or mods. Not only does TWRP recovery allow you to flash without using tools like fastboot, but it even gives you a great, skinnable UI and plenty of gratuitous features to make the experience better. Over a month ago, XDA Senior Developer Dees_Troy announced version for the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9. Today, TWRP was updated to, which is officially available for most currently supported devices.


This update brings loads of fixes to the MTP, AArch64, and True Type Font support. You can find an official changelog below.

  • MTP will now report the correct max file size based on the file system in use to the host PC (may fix transfer of large files)
  • Update and improve fix permissions and make fixing contexts optional
  • Update SuperSU in TWRP to 2.40 and update install process
  • Make TWRP work properly on AArch64 (Nexus 9 is now built in true 64-bit binaries and libraries)
  • Attempt to set correct permissions and contexts on all files placed in storage so backups will show in Android
  • Fix kernel panic during MTP start on some devices
  • Support unicode fonts on devices with True Type Font support
  • Fix slider value not showing sometimes (vibration settings page)
  • Toggle MTP off during adb sideload to set correct USB IDs
  • Reduce library requirements for 5.0 L decrypt
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

Starting with TWRP, the recovery uses the new sideload method from AOSP. Updates are no longer stored on the NAND, and are streamed directly onto device using a fuse file created in RAM. To use this feature, you must update the ADB binary to the latest 1.0.32 version.

You can check if the recovery for your de vice has been updated by visiting your home forum or by visiting the official TWRP page.

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