TWRP Builder is a project that connects you with developers to request unofficial TWRP ports

TWRP Builder is a project that connects you with developers to request unofficial TWRP ports

TWRP is the most popular custom recovery for Android development. Without a custom recovery, development for devices is crippled. This is because Android devices require a custom recovery to flash a custom ROM, custom kernel, other modifications, etc. The basic requirement for starting development on an Android phone is: does it have TWRP support (either official or unofficial)? If yes, then developers can start the process for custom development. But if the answer to the question is negative, then in most cases the potential for development is low.

Official TWRP support is provided to many devices. Just recently, we have seen official TWRP be released for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro, Mi Note 2, and other devices. However, there are many other Android devices that do not receive official TWRP support. This either happens because the devices are relatively not as popular as other devices, or because there are no maintainers for the devices.


Now, an open source project named TWRP Builder allows users to request TWRP for unsupported devices. It only needs basic info about a particular user’s device. Through an app, it sends the developers the required information to use for creating TWRP for the user’s device.

The requirements of TWRP Builder are that users must have the latest version of Play Store, BusyBox (a requirement for older devices), and root access. The project still works without root access, but in that case, users will need to provide the developers a working recovery.img.

The developers state that through TWRP Builder, 90+ TWRP images have been created for several devices. These images are unofficial and won’t be officially supported by TWRP.

It should also be noted that TWRP Builder is not supported or affiliated with the original TWRP. The developers state that they cannot guarantee that all images will work as expected. In some cases, the images might not even boot. Also, device tree for the unofficial TWRP images will not be released until users confirm that the images work properly. Users can create a device tree using the developers’ script.

Finally, the developers note that they cannot guarantee support for any device without receiving any information. Users are advised to create a request in the TWRP Builder app, and if they don’t get an unofficial TWRP image within a week (7 days), then it means their device is not supported.

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