TWRP officially arrives on four new devices, including Galaxy A10 and POCO X2

TWRP officially arrives on four new devices, including Galaxy A10 and POCO X2

TeamWin Recovery Project, more widely known by its TWRP abbreviation, is the most popular custom recovery software for Android devices. TWRP allows you to do everything from flash custom ROMs to creating full backups, all in a few taps. The team behind the project just released a minor update a few days ago, and now four more devices have been added to the list of officially supported platforms.

First is the Xiaomi POCO X2 and Redmi K30, which have a unified build of TWRP (since the hardware is so similar). The port was first published in January by XDA member HimanshuRaj, but it only recently became officially-supported by the TWRP team, meaning builds are now hosted on the project’s own website. There’s a support thread here if you’re curious about the exact installation steps.


Xiaomi POCO X2 Forums

Samsung’s Galaxy A10 is also now supported by TWRP, but only the SM-A105F variant, which is mostly sold in India and other Asian markets. The port was made possible by Gabriel260, and as with TWRP for all other Samsung devices, you have to use Odin for the flashing process. It’s not quite as seamless as using ADB and Fastboot to install TWRP on phones from Google, ASUS, and most other OEMs, but at least you’ll only have to do it once. Check out the forum thread for full instructions.

Samsung Galaxy A10 Forums

The last two new devices aren’t phones: NVIDIA’s Jetson TX2 and Jetson AGX Xavier. The Jetson TX2 is an embedded board for AI work, based on NVIDIA’s Pascal GPU architecture (also used by the company’s 10-series GTX graphics cards), while the AGX Xavier is primarily designed to power AI in autonomous machines. The downloadable images for those platforms can be found here and here. I’m not sure if we’ll ever get custom ROMs for self-driving cars, but at least we’re a step closer now.

Depending on your device, you may also be able to install TWRP with the official app from the Play Store. The app can also be used to keep TWRP updated after it’s installed on your phone (or tablet, or NVIDIA devkit).

Official TWRP App
Developer: Team Win LLC
Price: Free

Featured image: the Xiaomi POCO X2

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