TWRP Makes its Way to the HTC 10 Weeks before its Official Release

TWRP Makes its Way to the HTC 10 Weeks before its Official Release

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It was just last week that HTC unveiled its newest flagship smartphone, the HTC 10. After weeks and weeks of rumors and leaks, we thought that HTC had little left that could surprise us. In a move that surprised many of us, HTC announced very consumer-friendly bootloader locking terms.

Well, it looks like merely days after the announcement we’re already seeing the fruits of this new change of pace from HTC. The TWRP team has already compiled a working build of their custom recovery that is easily accessible for any new owners of the HTC flagship. All you need to do is quickly unlock the bootloader and then fastboot flash the TWRP recovery image. Oh, and you probably need to actually get your hands on one of these babies because the device isn’t actually available yet.

Most users on other devices often have to wait weeks for a working custom recovery build for their device. If you’re a Samsung device user on an American carrier like Verizon, that wait can become several months or years as developers need to first figure out a way to bypass the locked bootloader. HTC’s openness to allow consumer modifications of their device (and still provide warranty for it!) is rather rare but very much appreciated here at XDA.

Of course, it isn’t fully up to HTC whether or not the device you get will be unlockable, as ultimately the carrier has the final say. However, if you get one of the models untainted from carrier interference, expect many great custom ROMs and kernels to be available to you provided that you actually consider purchasing this device. We’re going to be doing an in-depth, XDA-style review in the coming weeks that should give you a better picture of what to expect from the HTC 10, so stay tuned.

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