TWRP now supports Nokia 8, Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro, & HTC U11 EYEs

TWRP now supports Nokia 8, Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro, & HTC U11 EYEs

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There are some required steps that Android enthusiasts must take to get some of the most popular mods and features onto our devices. First, we need an unlocked bootloader so that we can install TWRP. Then the doors open as we can flash a whole bunch of tweaks and mods from there. The team behind the popular custom recovery is constantly expanding their roster of supported devices. The last time we updated you on the project’s roster changes, it was for the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 and HTC U12+. We have just learned that the custom recovery has now been released for the Nokia 8, the Samsung Galaxy ON7, and also the HTC U11 EYEs.

Now, this is certainly great news for these three smartphones, but it should be said ahead of time that the Nokia 8 still doesn’t have an official method of unlocking the bootloader and probably never will. If you were fortunate enough to unlock the bootloader of this phone before taking the latest August security patches, then you can go ahead and install the recovery to make backups before you flash a GSI. As for the other devices, you can unlock the bootloader using the manufacturer-provided webpages and methods. Be sure to check out the XDA forums for each device after installing the recovery so you can find the latest ROMs, kernels, and other mods for your device.

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