TWRP Receives Update to V3.0.1-0; Now Supports new CM13 Pattern Encryption

TWRP Receives Update to V3.0.1-0; Now Supports new CM13 Pattern Encryption

TWRP version is now available for all currently supported devices! The latest update brings loads of new features including support for CM 13 Pattern encryption, multiple fixes for minor bugs including the progress bar not updating during image flashing and an option to reboot after a ZIP is installed.

  • support new CM 13.0 pattern encryption (sultanqasim)
  • fix slow flashing issue due to modprobe (present on only some devices) (#twrp)
  • libtar updated to latest upstream and fixes (jcadduono)
  • fixes for loading custom themes (_that)
  • TWRP will now detect and install TWRP themes automatically through the normal zip install process (Dees_Troy)
  • translation updates – added Italian, Czech and Polish and significant updates to Dutch
  • progress bar improvements – progress bar updates during image flashing and better tracks progress during file system backups (tar) (Dees_Troy)
  • fix input box text display (Dees_Troy)
  • Reboot option after zip install complete (bigbiff)
  • Other mostly invisible bug fixes and improvements

Team Win needs your help! The bulk of TWRP work is done by 3 people on a volunteer basis. They have pushed most of their device files to github and have a gerrit instance. If you have the ability, please help them maintain the official devices and/or add your device to the official device list. TWRP has been the recovery of choice for a wide variety of devices , and is one of those things that you do not update as obsessively as you update your apps. So when the developers do push an update, it usually means a lot of meaningful additions.

So what are you waiting for, go ahead and grab the build for your device from TWRP’s website and don’t forget TWRP is the official Recovery of the XDA Labphone!

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