TWRP Released for the Samsung Galaxy S8+ Exynos Variant

TWRP Released for the Samsung Galaxy S8+ Exynos Variant

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With the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ reaching the hands of more and more consumers, development on the devices was bound to begin sooner rather than later. Kickstarting the slew of software modifications on the S8+ Exynos variant is this release of TWRP.

XDA Recognized Developer and Contributor jesec has built TWRP for the Samsung Galaxy S8+ Exynos variant. The recovery build has been tested on the Korean and International variants of the devices and is confirmed as working on those, though the developer notes that it should work on other Exynos variants as well.

Installation for the recovery is through Odin. Users wanting to flash this must make sure to enable “OEM Unlock” in the Developer Options before proceeding with anything.

As kernel sources have not been released yet for the device, features like MTP are not available on this build. The developer recognizes that the recovery could be difficult to operate without MTP/ADB  (inability to transfer files from computer to phone) and when /data partition is encrypted (inability to view internal storage in TWRP). So to make life easier, two flashable zips are included in the recovery image itself. First, users can disable encryption by flashing the “” and make /data encryption optional. Second, users can also root by simply flashing “” to install Magisk and then root their device using Magisk.

The availability of TWRP will make it easier to install other modifications on the device. While it might take a while for full-fledged AOSP based ROMs to appear on the device (especially on the Exynos variant), smaller modifications as well as TouchWiz-based modified stock ROMs will offer more choice to flash-happy users in the mean time.

Have you flashed this TWRP build yet on your Samsung Galaxy S8+? Let us know your experience in the comments below!