TWRP is now officially available for the Exynos Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Xiaomi Mi 8 SE, and Mi Translator

TWRP is now officially available for the Exynos Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Xiaomi Mi 8 SE, and Mi Translator

Android 10’s recovery implementation and the introduction of the “super” partition containing multiple dynamically resizable partitions has considerably slowed down the process of porting TWRP to devices running Android 10 out of the box. However, older non-Pixel phones that have been updated to Android 10 via OTA are not affected by those changes because they are not required to migrate to the new super partition scheme. Owing to this, XDA Recognized Developer corsicanu has brought official TWRP support for the Exynos Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with full compatibility with the One UI 2.0/Android 10 firmware. In addition, XDA Senior Member TingyiChen has brought support to the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE and Mi Translator devices.


Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Official TWRP Support

Owners of the Exynos variant of the 2018’s stylus-dwelling Samsung flagship can grab the ODIN-flashable TAR archive, while one can also pick the raw IMG file to flash from an existing TWRP environment. According to the developer, the current build works with the Android 9 Pie-based firmware as well. The U.S. and Canadian Galaxy Note 9 models with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC, however, are still unsupported because their bootloaders cannot be unlocked.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9:  XDA Forums ||| Download TWRP ||| XDA Discussion Thread

Thanks to their internal similarities, the Exynos Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ have also received updated TWRP builds alongside the Galaxy Note 9 from the same developer. The Galaxy S9 duo did receive official TWRP support back in 2018, but the former maintainer kind of abandoned them for a long time. Corsicanu is now the official TWRP maintainer for these phones, and he has created a common discussion thread for the S9/S9+.

Samsung Galaxy S9:  XDA Forums ||| Download TWRP

Samsung Galaxy S9+:  XDA Forums ||| Download TWRP

The Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9 originally debuted with Samsung Experience 9.0/9.5 based on Android Oreo, which means both of them have already received their second major Android OS update. While the chances of them getting future major software updates from Samsung is slim, the availability of official TWRP, as well as official LineageOS support, does extend the potential lifetime of these devices if you’re willing to tinker a bit.

Xiaomi Mi 8 SE and Mi Translator Official TWRP Support

On that note, developer Isaac Chen, also known as TingyiChen on our forums, has ported TWRP to the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE and Mi Translator. Both of these devices are only available in China, though, and the latter isn’t even a smartphone. Despite not being available globally, the Mi 8 SE has a surprising amount of activity on our forums, so we encourage you to check out the official TWRP build if you’re interested in flashing a custom kernel or AOSP-based custom ROM.

Xiaomi Mi 8 SE: XDA Forums ||| Download TWRP

Xiaomi Mi Translator: Download TWRP

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