[Update 2: Galaxy S10e] TWRP adds support for the Exynos Samsung Galaxy S10+, Motorola Moto E5, Nokia 6.1, and Lenovo K4/K8 Note

[Update 2: Galaxy S10e] TWRP adds support for the Exynos Samsung Galaxy S10+, Motorola Moto E5, Nokia 6.1, and Lenovo K4/K8 Note

Update 2 (5/10/19 @ 8:27 PM ET): The Exynos Galaxy S10e [beyond0lte] has been added to the TWRP roster. Links can be found at the end of the article.

Update 1 (5/2/19 @ 00:10 AM ET): Official support for the Exynos Samsung Galaxy S10 [beyond1lte] has also been added. The download and forum links can be found below.[/alert]

TWRP has been around for many years now, growing to become the go-to solution for the community for installing any kind of after-market software solution. TWRP’s open source nature helped a lot in making it popular across a very wide range of devices, and the existence of features like full backup and restore, ADB sideloading and more helped the custom recovery cement its pole position. Now, TWRP is adding in support for a whole bunch of devices.


Samsung Galaxy S10+ (Exynos) [beyond2lte]

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ was launched in February 2019, bringing in the best consumer-ready technology that Samsung had for its customers with all sorts of big and small features. An unofficial version of TWRP had been made available for the S10+ earlier this month, but now the device has received official TWRP support. This means complete support from the TWRP team, complete feature parity and regular updates directly from the main team.

TWRP for the Samsung Galaxy S10+ Samsung Galaxy S10+ XDA Forum

Motorola Moto E5 [nora]

While the Samsung Galaxy S10+ represents the top end of the smartphone market, the Moto E5 represents the opposite side of the spectrum. Launched in April 2018, the Moto E5 is a humble device that aims to fulfill the needs of first time smartphone users, and then some.

TWRP for the Motorola Moto E5 Motorola Moto E5 XDA Forum

Nokia 6.1 [PL2]

The Nokia 6.1, launched in January 2018, forms part of HMD Global’s 2018’s mid-range lineup. With Android One and a launch price of $269 in the US, it presented itself as one of the safer purchase decisions for anyone looking for a decent mix of specifications and a clean Android experience.

TWRP for the Nokia 6.1 Nokia 6.1 XDA Forum

Lenovo K4 Note [k5fpr] and Lenovo K8 Note [manning]

The Lenovo K4 Note was launched back in January 2016 with a MT6753 SoC, while the Lenovo K8 Note was launched in August 2017 with a MediaTek Helio X23 SoC. Both the devices have now received official TWRP support.

TWRP for the Lenovo K4 Note Lenovo Vibe K4 Note XDA Forum

TWRP for the Lenovo K8 Note Lenovo K8 Note

Update 1: Exynos Samsung Galaxy S10 [beyond1lte]

As expected, shortly after the larger S10+ received an official build of the popular custom recovery, the S10 just got support.

TWRP for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Samsung Galaxy S10 XDA Forum

Update 2: Exynos Samsung Galaxy S10e [beyond0lte]

Now the lowest-end model, the S10e, has received support for TWRP.

TWRP for the Samsung Galaxy S10e Samsung Galaxy S10e XDA Forum

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