Uber adds 3 new safety features for riders in India

Uber adds 3 new safety features for riders in India

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Uber and its fleet of drivers are roaming the streets in many parts of the world. Every region has its own unique situations and Uber has to make sure to take these things into account. In India, driver-related incidents have been on the rise, so the company is taking action.

Uber is introducing three new safety features in India: PIN verification before the ride, “RideCheck” to spot irregularities while a ride is happening, and in-ride audio recording. PIN verification sends a 4-digit PIN to the riders, which they then share with the driver to begin the trip, thus confirming their identity.

“RideCheck” is a feature that allows Uber to flag things during a ride. They can flag things like long stops, stops in the middle of a ride, detours, and more. These are things that Uber will monitor on behalf of the riders. Once detected, Uber will check on both the rider and driver. Lastly, the in-ride audio recording feature will do exactly what it says: record audio in the vehicle during a ride. Riders have the option to submit the audio at the end of a ride if something happened. Only Uber will have access to the encrypted audio file.

PIN verification and RideCheck will roll out first and in-ride audio recording will launch as a pilot program later this year. Uber says this safety initiative has “sensitised over 50,000 driver partners across eight cities in the country.”

Source: Gadgets 360