Latest Uber Update Adds In-App Chat for Drivers and Riders

Latest Uber Update Adds In-App Chat for Drivers and Riders

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Uber single-handedly brought the ridesharing industry to the forefront over the last couple of years. They have come up against some regulation issues in various markets, and they were forced to reorganize their executive positions here lately, but they’re still considered the go-to service for the industry. This doesn’t mean every aspect of their service is perfect, but the company is aware of their weaknesses and the latest update aims to improve this.

The Uber experience can be trouble free, or it can also be a pain to deal with. This can depend a lot of the driver/rider that is using the service but many will agree that communication between the two hasn’t always been the best. In the past, some relied on the application’s calling capabilities in order to locate the other, but this is something that hasn’t always been very convenient. The rider would be forced to manually dial the phone number of the driver, while a call from the driver never showed the proper details on caller ID (so you never know who was trying to call you).

This changes with the latest update as Uber has finally included a way for the driver and the rider to text message each other. This happens right inside the Uber application itself so you know exactly who is sending you that message. It also makes it more convenient since you don’t have to stop everything and accept a phone call in order to tell the driver where you are. The new feature appears after you have requested a ride within the Uber application.

Once a driver agrees to come pick you up, you’ll see a new Contact button directly below the driver’s name. When you tap the contact button will bring up the chat window and from there you can message them directly. The call feature is still available for those who prefer this method of contact, so it’s good to see the company offering more options for both drivers and riders.

Via: Android Authority Source: Uber