UbikiTouch helps you automate actions in other Android apps

UbikiTouch helps you automate actions in other Android apps

When it comes to the numerous OEM version of Android, gestures (and gesture navigation) play a huge role in defining how users interact with the interface. With Android Pie introducing the pill-style home button on the navigation bar (which now is fuelled with gesture navigation), it can safely be said that there has been an opening in the third-party applications’ market for apps based off gesture navigation (including our own).

One such application, sliding right into the opportunistic environment of the Play Store right now, is UbikiTouch. Developed by XDA Member toneiv, Ubiki Touch is a gesture and automation application that lets users define custom controls using action triggers throughout the OS. These controls are wrapped within three different design choices (Android Pie controls, Curve controls, and Wave controls), in addition with three different placement options (left, bottom, and towards the right).


Now, although the application is Freemium, toneiv has been kind to offer free promo codes to 100 members of our Forums, that is, the first 100 who happen to comment on the Forum Post toneiv published. The premium, or the “Pro” version, allows users to define tasks for an endless number of applications, as opposed to the free version limiting users to two applications, which isn’t that low of a number, to begin with.

The ability to launch either an application off of a trigger or a custom shortcut has been limited to the pro version of the application as well. Also, Pro users can completely customize the menu of the application, including the animations, the size, and the colors.

In addition to letting users stack multiple actions in order to fulfill a task like changing one’s Google account using a minimal number of interactions (say, one swipe in this case), UbikiTouch can be used as a replacement to the OS’ native navigation platform as well.

Although there are more details we could get into right now, for example, the fact that the application lets users activate both the vertical edges of the device as trigger areas, in order to learn more about UbikiTouch, head over to the Forum Post by XDA Member toneiv.

Developer: Toneiv Apps
Price: Free

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