Ubuntu Back as Sponsor at xda:devcon ’14

Ubuntu Back as Sponsor at xda:devcon ’14

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Ubuntu, founded in 2004, has a long heritage as the most popular Linux desktop and cloud platform in the world, but in early 2013 they announced their foray into the mobile platform, followed quickly by their announcement of Ubuntu Touch. While it’s been a long road, Ubuntu has committed themselves to delivering on this platform with the plan to create a single, convergent Operating System that works across phones, tablets, TVs, and desktops. We were excited to have them sponsor xda:devcon ’13, and are ecstatic to have them back for xda:devcon ’14

Ubuntu will be leading a few sessions on Ubuntu Touch as well as a workshop devoted to developing apps for Ubuntu Touch. When asked about their interest in continuing to support XDA and xda:devcon, Ubuntu’s Community Manager Daniel Holbach had this to say:

Ever since Ubuntu for devices was first announced, we were thrilled from all the feedback, great ideas, patches and ports we received from XDA community members. XDA’s community is a vibrant place, and we’re really proud of the great relationship we’ve grown together. Sponsoring xda:devcon was an obvious thing to do for us, and we are delighted to be supporting such a great event.

We are excited to have them back and look forward to hearing what they have to say, with their session information soon to follow. If you don’t already have your tickets, make sure you head to xda:devcon ’14 and get your tickets now before they’re all gone.