Browse the XDA Forums on Ubuntu Touch with Forum Browser

Browse the XDA Forums on Ubuntu Touch with Forum Browser

Unlike other platforms, Android devices often times give you the freedom of installing other operating systems. The Linux kernel is the source of this great freedom, so it’s not uncommon to see projects like webOS, LuneOS or Ubuntu Touch ported to Android devices without bigger problems.

The last of the aforementioned OSes is definitely not least. Ubuntu Touch has a growing and thriving user base. It’s relatively popular, which can be illustrated by the number of official and unofficial ports for multiple devices. If you have it installed on your device and want browse the XDA with your Ubuntu-powered phone, XDA Recognized Contributor nikwen gives you a great opportunity to do it without using your browser, just like on Android, iOS or Windows Phone. Forum Browser is a modified application originally created by Michael Hall, known as XDA Forum Member mhall119, who gave us a few instructions on Ubuntu Touch development at XDA:DevCon 2013.

In the current form, the application allows you to perform the following tasks:

  • Adding and saving forums
  • Viewing forums
  • Signing in to forum
  • Creating threads
  • Replying to threads

Forum Browser can be used to participate in other forums, just like Tapatalk or Forum Runner. In fact, it uses the Tapatalk API, just like the official XDA Application. If you want to make this project even better and add your contribution to the growing Ubuntu Touch community, you can add your commits to the project, since it’s fully open-sourced.

If you decided to leave Android and give Ubuntu Touch a try, you can browse the XDA forums with Forum Browser. Learn more about how to get it by visiting the Forum Browser application thread.

[Thanks to XDA OEM Relation Manager jerdog for the tip!]

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