Report: UK Mobile App Developer Market Shows 2% Rise in Vacancies

Report: UK Mobile App Developer Market Shows 2% Rise in Vacancies

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Earlier this year, a report was published by Adobe Digital Insights which said that there was a 5% decline in the United Kingdom’s mobile application installs since 2014. This is quite interesting as the number of devices sold per year has not seen this type of drop, so it would seem consumer behavior has changed as the market has matured. If mobile app installs are slowing down, one would think the mobile application developer market would follow. However, a new report from Joblift says this isn’t the case and that there’s actually been a 2% rise in vacancies throughout the UK as there’s still a high demand for talent.

This report only pertains to the United Kingdom so exact statistics provided in the report are unlikely to be representative anywhere else in the world. When they polled this data, it showed 24,232 total vacancies in the UK, which is a 2% monthly increase. When splitting this off between the two major mobile platforms, iOS has 4,628 vacancies (a 3% monthly increase) while Android has 4,065 vacancies (a 5.1% monthly increase). The datas shows the iOS application developer market is bigger in the United Kingdom, but Android has much stronger growth as of late.

Joblift even breaks this data down a bit to give some details on the top three largest locations for mobile application developers. In London, they’re seeing 25.9% of their total mobile application developer jobs being vacant and it is growing by about 0.4% each month. In Manchester, their vacancy level is currently at 4.5% but it’s monthly increase is at 5.8%. Lastly, they detailed Bristol which shows a vacancy level of 2.9% and it’s growing by 21.4% each month.

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So while the overall mobile application install numbers are down for the region, the job market hasn’t felt the need to adjust yet. In fact, it’s actually growing as companies are striving to be one of those applications that the community does install. It will be interesting to watch these numbers and see how they progress in the future.

Source: Joblift