Ulefone Armor 6 is the World’s First 5G Rugged Phone

Ulefone Armor 6 is the World’s First 5G Rugged Phone

The world is preparing to transition to 5G technology as phone manufacturers everywhere begin to introduce their 5G compatible phones. Those of you with specific durability needs will not be left behind, as Ulefone brings you the first rugged 5G phone in the form of the Armor 6.

The Ulefone Armor 6 is designed to survive in some of the most extreme conditions with a durability rating of IP68/IP69K. The phone meets the military standards of dust, shock, water and humidity resistance. It’s also protected from solar radiation and extreme temperatures. This makes the Armor 6 a great phone for anyone who works in extreme environments.


Ulefone Armor 6 Specs
Chipset Helio P60
Display FHD+ 2246×1080
Storage 128GB
Camera 21+13MP
Battery 5000mAh
OS Android 8.1

The Armor 6 isn’t just a tough phone, the technical specs are also worth taking a look at. The display is FHD+ 2246x1080p resolution with a notch. So you’ll be getting amazing display quality on the 6.2″ screen. The Helio P60 is one of the latest chipsets on the market which is paired with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.  The camera is a dual lens 21+13MP setup for taking high resolution photos. The battery that powers all of this has a massive 5000mAh capacity and even comes with wireless charging technology.

Ulefone is currently doing a giveaway for this new phone. You can participate using the link below. Keep an eye on their official page for more info about pricing and availability.

Ulefone Armor 6 Giveaway
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