Cheapest Solution for High 3D-Gaming Performance: UMi Z

Cheapest Solution for High 3D-Gaming Performance: UMi Z

What makes a phone great for 3D gaming? It’s a combination of a bunch of different things. he internal hardware has to be powerful enough to run intensive 3D games without lags or stutters. The display has to be bright and vivid to get the most out of your game. The battery needs to last for a decent amount of time with a quick recharge time. Everything from the build quality of the phone, to the battery capacity comes into play when you’re doing a lot of gaming.

UMi Z has been known for its great combination of hardware and firmware at a pretty decent price. Lots of manufactures advertise excellent performance in 3D gaming, but you need to have the real life results to back it up.

UMi Z comes with MediaTek’s latest processor, the Helio X27 deca-core 2.6GHz, plus 4GB RAM and 32GB ROM. With this in mind, let’s take a close look at the 3D performance of UMi Z from a few benchmark apps. First up is Antutu.

Antutu Score: 96623

We also tested out the performance of the processor with GeekBench 4.

GFX Benchmark shows UMi Z’s gaming performance next to some other popular flagship phones. Take a look:

Vellamo Benchmark results

Chrome browsing speed and multi core results score very high in this test.

The benchmarking results might look good on paper, but sometimes real life usage can be a totally different experience.

Here are some more practical tests with popular games running on the UMi Z.

Both the benchmarks and the real life gaming tests show that the UMi Z has a lot to offer for mobile gaming fans.

Get UMi Z with a $50 discount here (bring the price under $230):

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