[Updated with New Picture and More Specs] New UMi Z Likely to be First Phone with MediaTek X27

[Updated with New Picture and More Specs] New UMi Z Likely to be First Phone with MediaTek X27

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We have received information from a credible tipster that UMi will be among the first, if not the first, OEM to release a phone with the recently-announced MediaTek X27 CPU, as soon as this month. Not only that, but a rendering we received of the new UMi phone, above, suggests that it’ll have a dual-camera setup, likely with some help from the new ISP included in the X27.

The new UMi phone is likely to go by the name “Z”, as the same name was recently teased on the UMi Facebook page. We don’t have any other information about the UMi Z at this time, but we’d venture to guess that it’ll be offered in a 6GB RAM configuration, and should have a 4,000mAh battery with up to 64 or 128GB of storage space with microSD expansion. And, given how UMi prices its phones, we expect the Z to be offered for a very competitive price.

Update: We just got word from our source that the UMi Z will have 4GB of RAM (which frankly surprises us a bit considering their latest phone, the UMi Plus E, has 6GB of RAM), as well as 32GB of storage space and a 3780mAh battery. The battery size reduction (compared to 4,000mAh found on several recent UMi devices) tells us that UMi is focusing a bit more on design with the Z in order to have thinner profile. The UMi Super, Plus, and Plus E are all pretty thick thanks to the huge battery, so it looks like they’re backtracking on that a bit with the Z.

We also received a photo of the UMi Z which shows a design on the front similar to previous UMi devices, with a back design that is new to accommodate the dual-camera system. Our tipsters claims the UMi Z will launch on December 12.