UMIDIGI Z1 Pro: Super Big Battery in a Super Thin Phone

UMIDIGI Z1 Pro: Super Big Battery in a Super Thin Phone

The latest flagship phone from UMIDIGI shows that the company is putting their best efforts into making the best phones for the lowest prices.  The Z1 Pro represents their latest efforts in combining design aesthetics and the newest smartphones tech. In this model, they implement the thinnest 4000mAh battery on the market, at only 6.95mm.

AMOLED with Gorilla Glass 4

In order to get the best display quality, as well as to reduce body thickness of the phone, UMIDIGI have gone with an AMOLED display with Gorilla Glass 4 on UMIDIGI Z1 Pro.

AMOLED displays are a favorite among Android enthusiasts but are usually reserved for the high end phones. It’s great to see this technology being used in less expensive phones like the Z1 Pro.

The back of UMIDIGI Z1 Pro is a solid unibody with the antenna lines seamlessly blended in, to make a smooth and complete look, both in design and in hand.

Apart from the technical innovation, UMIDIGI also managed to reduce thickness significantly through the novel and refine flute design inside the phone body, with the near-jointless assembling of the precision components.

After going through more than 300 different color adjustments, the final colors of the black and red Z1 Pro really compliment each other.

Limited Pre-sale Begins June 26th with $40 Off

The UMIDIGI Z1 Pro will begin pre-orders starting on June 26 for $299.99. UMIDIGI Z1 pre-orders will be priced at $269.99.

For the pre-sale event, UMIDIGI will have $40 discounts for the Z1.

The limited edition UMIDIGI Z1 Pro will have 1000 units released worldwide. This will be available to those that signed up and successfully get the invitation at the UMIDIGI website. If you don’t want to miss your chance, subscribe now.

You will receive your purchase invitation via email on June 26th.

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