Understanding Android from A to Z

Understanding Android from A to Z

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Root? ADB? Push? If you have been browsing XDA for the last few months, you will realize that a lot of talk has been going back and forth regarding Android and the things that can be done with it. However, much of the basic terminology gets incorporated into the language after devs get used to the concepts, and becomes a second nature to them. But, how about for the newcomer? You know the kind, someone who just got their first pda type phone (running Android) who has heard that there are very cool things that could be done with it.

For these people, and for those who simply want a refresher course, XDA member dreamersipaq has made a very nice and comprehensive guide about all that is Android. Even though it was made for the HTC Incredible, most of the guide is universal for Android devices. Make sure that you fully understand this wonderful guide before attempting something on your devices.

So far, this is going to be a guide for noobs. Please read through this, and ask any questions that you have. This has been compiled from different guides around XDA, and information has been stripped that does not relate to our phones. More will be put up here when I find it, and all credit will be provided. This will be from ‘duh’ to ‘didn’t know that’. The idea is to provide a beginning to end explanation: Stock Incredible to Rooted with custom Rom.
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Topics so far – ADB, Rooting, Reflash, Nandroid, Remove/Install Apps, flash roms…

You can find more information in the guide thread.