Unicode 13 announced with 62 new emoji for 2020

Unicode 13 announced with 62 new emoji for 2020

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Emoji have radically changed the way we communicate online. They’re the eventual evolutions to the emoticons we used to have between the late 90s and the early 2000s, and since they were initially conceived, they have evolved into something that can accurately represent our emotions or visually represent anything we want to express. They get extended every year, with a number of new emoji being added to every year’s new Unicode release and new versions of every major OS (Android, iOS, Windows) adding support for these new Unicode releases. Now, we’re getting to know the latest Unicode release, Unicode, 13, with over 62 new emoji being added for this year.

Approximation of what all the new emoji will look like

The newest release of Unicode will be adding a bunch of new emoji, such as a smile with a tear, a polar bear, as well as the transgender flag and a bunch of other additions. Unicode 13 also modifies and adds a bunch of gender-inclusive emoji, which means that some emoji typically depicting common gender roles, such as feeding a baby as well as bride and groom, will now be available in women, men, and non-binary variants for gender inclusion.

The new emoji will be added through the year on upcoming OS updates to Android, iOS, and PC platforms, and if everything goes well we should be seeing them on most devices by the end of the year or early 2021. Instant messaging apps like WhatsApp should also begin preparing support in the coming months. As mentioned, there are 62 brand new emoji, but including variations on existing icons, that number goes up to 117. Check out the Emojipedia link below for the full list.

Source: Unicode, Emojipedia