Uninstall Applications Easily with App Eater

Uninstall Applications Easily with App Eater

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Stock Android has improved significantly since the days when it was barely usable. However, some OEMs still love to put significant amounts of bloat into their firmware, thinking that we all love to play demo games or use pointless applications.

If your phone is held back by unnecessary bloat or too many installed apps, you can do two things: wipe your device completely or use a tool like the one created by XDA Forum Member SuffAdvApps. App Eater, as its name implies, eats applications. It’s a simple uninstaller with many great features like batch uninstallation, sorting, and app search.

In future releases, the developer promises to add root support, so App Eater also be able to help you uninstall all of the bloat from your stock ROM. The application also supports widgets, so uninstalling the most recently used application is very easy. This then makes it good for testing apps, since it’s only a click away.

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