Learn to Sync Files Between Android And PC with Unison

Learn to Sync Files Between Android And PC with Unison

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Dropbox and similar cloud services are great if you’re planning to keep your files synchronized across your devices. Like almost everything, cloud syncing has its pros and cons. One major disadvantage h0wever is speed, because you’re using Web protocols and transfers to keep your files up to date.

One of the greatest alternatives to cloud is SSH, which allows you to manage your files on many devices within your WI-Fi network (or almost any device running with an SSH client installed). XDA Forum Member Genericxx decided to share his knowledge about SSH, sharing and Unison File Synchronizer by writing a guide explaining how to synchronize your Android device with your PC. Genericxx focused on Linux, bit Unison is a platform-independent tool that can be used on OS X and Windows as well.

The described process uses SSH and SSHFS to easily pair your devices. Unison will do the rest with syncing, so everything you’ll have to do is connecting your devices and waiting for the files to be synced. It’s easy, fast and doesn’t require any cables or external volumes to be performed. To perform syncing your device must be rooted. Installing a mod by copying over the /system partition never was so easy. Before proceeding to happily move files back and forth, make sure to create a backup of your current ROM.

Head over to the Setup 2way-sync over WiFi using Unison forum thread to learn more.