Universal SafetyNet Fix gets updated with support for Android 12 and many OEM skins

Universal SafetyNet Fix gets updated with support for Android 12 and many OEM skins

It took a long time for the Android aftermarket development scene to find a somewhat universal method to bypass the hardware-backed SafetyNet attestation techniques, but after an immense amount of work, XDA Senior Member kdrag0n accomplished the feat in January. Thankfully, it took significantly less time to make the fix compatible with Android 12. The developer has now released a new version of the Universal SafetyNet Fix. This new build, tagged as v2.0.0, also adds support for several popular Android OEM skins and comes with tons of improvements.

The SafetyNet Fix was updated with Android 12 Beta 2 support in July, but it didn’t get an update for subsequent beta builds or the upcoming stable release. That changed now with the debut of SafetyNet Fix v2.0.0, as it fully supports Android 12 Beta 4 and future versions. In case you have a phone running a custom skin like Samsung’s One UI or Xiaomi’s MIUI and experienced glitches while using the older versions, then you’ll be happy to know that the latest release addresses such issues as well.


The complete changelog of this release can be found below:

  • Added support for heavy OEM skins (One UI, MIUI, etc.)
  • Added support for Android 12 Beta 4 and future versions
  • Fixed broken Play Services features other than SafetyNet
  • Fixed rare system freezes caused by Play Services breakage
  • Android 12: Fixed face unlock on Pixel 4 series
  • Added support for Android 7.0 and 7.1
  • Rewritten as a Riru module

Universal SafetyNet Fix: Download |||  XDA Discussion Thread

Keep in mind that the fix alone might not be sufficient to bypass hardware attestation if your device is rooted. Spoofing it is a bit of a complicated job nowadays, especially since the official Magisk app is dropping support for hiding root access through MagiskHide. In order to tackle the scenario, kdrag0n has already released a hotfix in the form of v2.1.0, which is currently available to his early access Patreon supporters. The new build contains all the MagiskHide related features that are needed to hide the root status. Once the hotfix gets enough positive feedback, the associated code will then land on his GitHub repo.

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