Unlikeliest of Heroes John Legere Working to Free the S7

Unlikeliest of Heroes John Legere Working to Free the S7

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swappa S7 edgeMany of us, awoke yesterday to discover the unfortunate news that the Snapdragon 820 variants of the S7 and S7 Edge would likely not see any development support due to the bootloader, which in case you missed it can be read about here. For the foreseeable future it looked like the S7 would be one of the least developer friendly Snapdragon devices. As XDA Recognized Developer Fenny said:

Qualcomm secureboot has us shackled with the near-bulletproof chain of trust.

The repercussions of this were almost instantaneous, as users of the S7 and S7 Edge flocked to return their devices to carriers or to sell them on their preferred sales site. Many more users flocked to T-Mobile CEO John Legere’s Twitter profile to express their thoughts on the matter and in a surprising turn of events, John announced that the engineers at T-Mobile are trying to work with Samsung to resolve the issue. Development on the latest S7 devices may not be doomed after all. Bravo John, bravo

If you have been affected by this be sure to be heard! You can join the discussion on Twitter using #UnleashTheSnapdragon