Want unlimited, full-quality Google Photos storage? T-Mobile has a new Google One plan for you

Want unlimited, full-quality Google Photos storage? T-Mobile has a new Google One plan for you

Do you remember the original Google Pixel phone and its tempting perk? At the time, the company needed to boost the device’s sales — as it was the first generation of the Pixel branding. As a result, it offered unlimited, full-quality Google Photos storage for life. This particular perk remained a first-gen Pixel exclusive — as a lifetime of unlimited, high-resolution photo storage is a major commitment for Google. If you’re a postpaid T-Mobile customer and miss this specific Pixel perk, we have some good news for you. Starting April 26, eligible T-Mobile customers will get the option to store unlimited, full-quality photos and videos on Google Photos. This will be through an exclusive Google One plan that costs $15 per month.


T-Mobile has announced that its postpaid customers will soon be able to store unlimited media on Google Photos. Currently, its users can get 2TB of Google One storage for $10 per month. For an additional $5 every month, postpaid customers will be able to unlock this Google Photos perk. Obviously, the 2TB of storage is included in this $15 plan as well.

While Pixel phone users don’t have to pay a monthly subscription for this Google Photos perk, it still is a welcome addition from T-Mobile. For an extra 5 bucks a month, you get to store as many of your memories as you want — without compromising the quality or eating through your cloud storage quota. It’s worth mentioning, though, that the unlimited Google Photos storage perk is limited to the account holder only. So while you can share the 2TB of Google One storage with up to five other users, you won’t be able to spread this exclusive perk.

Will you be subscribing to the new Google One plan? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: T-Mobile

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