Unlock and Upgrade Android GSmart G1305 with CMLMod 1.4

Unlock and Upgrade Android GSmart G1305 with CMLMod 1.4

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Normally, we write about HTC devices or any other device included on xda-developers, but what happens when you have another device running Android? This time, XDA member suriya83 wrote a detailed tutorial to unlock and upgrade the Orange Boston Android version.
In order to proceed you must have some knowledge and have in mind you may brick your device, so please continue with caution and be aware that developer takes no responsibility if you damage your device.

Originally posted by suriya83
[Tutorial] Orange Boston / Gigabyte G1305 unlock and upgrade to 2.1 with CMLMod 1.4

With this tutorial you sould be able to unlock your Orange Boston (aka Apanda A60, GigaByte G1305 Codfish, WellcoM A88, Vibo A688, Cincinnati Bell Blaze, Commtiva Z71, Muchtel A1, Chinavision Excalibur, Motorola Greco) and install CMLMod 1.4 (by c.martinez.lozano) based on the ROM Apanda 2.1.9 (eclair)

Main advantages/disadvantages of CMLMod 1.4:

You can find more information in the guide thread.