Unlocked Priv From AT&T to Now Receive Updates Directly From BlackBerry

Unlocked Priv From AT&T to Now Receive Updates Directly From BlackBerry

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BlackBerry has been very good with their software updates for the BlackBerry Priv since it was released at the end of last year. The company has even beat Google to the punch when it comes to certain security updates this year. Of course, these swift updates were only possible on units that were purchased directly from BlackBerry’s own website. AT&T still delays their updates since the carrier chooses to modify the software that is sent to them from BlackBerry.

Still, this hasn’t stopped customers from purchasing a factory unlocked BlackBerry Priv from AT&T so they could use it on a different network. However, it was revealed earlier this year that if you didn’t have an active AT&T SIM card in the AT&T branded Priv, then you didn’t receive any OTA updates at all. This happened with the Galaxy S7 this year as well, but at least you could use Samsung’s Smart Switch software to manually download the update directly from Samsung.

Back in May, BlackBerry acknowledged this issue and confirmed they were working with AT&T to get it resolved as quickly as possible. The company didn’t tell us when the issue would be resolved, but that changes this week. Today, the company has updated that specific Knowledge Base article and tells us they will be handling OTA updates for AT&T branded BlackBerry Privs that don’t have an active AT&T SIM card in the device.

So if you’re one of the people who picked up a BlackBerry Priv during one of AT&T’s enticing sales, you should have an OTA update waiting for you right now. Not only will this get your Priv completely up to date with all of the security patches that you’ve missed out on, but BlackBerry will also be handling OTA updates for these unlocked devices in the future.

Source: CrackBerry