Unlocking the True Power of Google Home with AutoVoice

Unlocking the True Power of Google Home with AutoVoice

When Google Home was first released, it didn’t seem as impressive as Amazon’s Echo line-up.

One of our writers who owns both an Amazon Echo and a Google Home reported that while the Google Home had its moments, Google Assistant was not as responsive or extensively integrated as Alexa. However, we both knew, or at least hoped, that Google would make good on its promise to open up Google Assistant to third-party developers. After teasing a release date for the Google Assistant Developer Program, the company finally unveiled Actions on Google earlier this month.

It was only a matter of time until developers started cooking up powerful plug-ins for Google Assistant. One of the most anticipated plugins for Google Assistant we’ve been waiting for is full integration with joaomgcd‘s AutoApps suite. As many of you are aware, we at XDA are huge fans of Tasker. Tasker is one of the most powerful automation tools in the arsenal of an Android power user. You can do just about anything with Tasker — as long as you have an active imagination and the requisite knowledge and skill to create Tasker scripts. A great deal of Tasker’s versatility comes from the additional plugins that increase the scope of the original application.


AutoVoice is one such Tasker plugin. With this plugin, you can create custom Google Now voice commands and automate actions through spoken commands instead of traditional clicks and taps on your phone’s screen. And now, AutoVoice is becoming even more intelligent through integrating with Google Home.

As can be seen in the video, Google Home seems to be a natural extension to AutoVoice’s existing functionality. Using the plugin, you can create your own custom commands for various tasks – tapping into existing Android third-party plugins to allow for a wider breadth of functionality. In addition to commands, you can also program custom replies as demoed by the several dialogues taken from The Simpsons in the video.

With AutoVoice, you can even create commands for direct IoT device interaction as can be seen in the video. Of course, since it is a Tasker plugin, you can also chain it together with other Tasker plugins such as AutoLaunch and more, allowing you to make use of the contextual processing powers of Google Home to react with different apps on your phone. In essence, AutoVoice for Google Home acts as a gateway to integrate with anything and everything that your smartphone can integrate it – all from your voice.

autovoice-approvaljoaomgcd has mentioned that AutoVoice for Google Home is currently under the review phase. Google’s control over the Google Home ecosystem means that distribution of services such as these is dependent on Google’s approval. As such, you will have to wait and hope that Google approves AutoVoice for Google Home sooner rather than later.

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