Unofficial LineageOS 15 Beta Build Available for the Pixel C

Unofficial LineageOS 15 Beta Build Available for the Pixel C

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The LineageOS team was among the first ROM development teams to begin working on their Android Oreo ROM. After all, they’ve started putting together “lineage-15.0” mere hours ahead of AOSP drop, on August 21st. During the last few days, we’ve seen many people booting AOSP Android Oreo/LineageOS 15 on devices like the Xiaomi Mi3/Mi4, the Nexus 5, the Moto G line, among others. But only some of them made testing or alpha/beta ROMs available to the public. Today, we’re seeing yet another device join this family: the Google Pixel C.

An unofficial LineageOS 15 beta build has been released by XDA Senior Member followmsi. The Pixel C received an official Android Oreo update this week, but since it’s probably one of the last updates the device will see in its lifetime (it launched with Android Marshmallow back in 2015 together with the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P), LineageOS support is essential for owners planning to keep it for longer. And since this ROM takes advantage of the Oreo bootloader and kernel, it should be mostly bugless. However, the dev said that the ROM is untested, and as such, any bugs will be documented and fixed later. So, if you want to install and test it, do it at your own risk.

The developer has also included an unofficial ARM64 stock OpenGapps build, along with a config file for the Pixel C. It should be enough for Gapps support on Lineage, however, it’s also untested. He also said that the official LineageOS 15 kernel is ready to be uploaded to Lineage’s GitHub, and that will be done in the following days. The dragon device tree will obviously need some work on parts like fstab and overlays too, but nothing too important.

If you’re ready to give this unofficial Oreo build a shot, you can find the download links in our forums. Have in mind, as we said above, that this is an untested build and there are probably bugs here and there. It’s still unknown when will the LineageOS team start rolling out Oreo weeklies, but it’s still too early to tell. So this unofficial build is a great starting point.

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