Unofficial LineageOS 16 now available for the Exynos Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S9/S9+, Galaxy S4 VE, and Galaxy S4 Active

Unofficial LineageOS 16 now available for the Exynos Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S9/S9+, Galaxy S4 VE, and Galaxy S4 Active

LineageOS 16 based on Android 9 Pie is the most recent iteration of the popular custom ROM. It’s available for dozens of smartphones, but for those of you who feel left out, there are plenty of unofficial builds floating around on our forums. These unofficial builds range from completely broken to surprisingly stable. The more stable unofficial builds out there aren’t ready to go official because they fail to meet one or more requirements in LineageOS’ charter, but they’re still worth checking out if you’re interested in getting away from the stock ROM. Today, we’re highlighting builds for the Exynos Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S9/S9+, Galaxy S4 VE, and Galaxy S4 Active.


Unofficial LineageOS 16 for the Exynos Galaxy Note 9/Galaxy S9/Galaxy S9+

Earlier this month, XDA Member Synt4x.93 created threads on our Note 9 and S9 forums for unofficial LOS 16 builds. The developer thanks other members like abtekk, CodeFox, jesec, farovitus, Eamo5, and Ivan_Meler for their code contributions. Currently, the Iris sensor and IMS services like VoLTE/VoWiFi are broken on both builds for the Note 9 and S9/S9+, though the build for the S9/S9+ also lacks encryption support.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Forums   Samsung Galaxy S9 Forums  Samsung Galaxy S9+ Forums

You can download the custom ROM for the Note 9 or S9/S9+ from the XDA threads linked below. Installation instructions are provided in the threads. Note that these builds are only intended to be installed on the Exynos models. Most Snapdragon models are sold in the U.S. where the carriers block bootloader unlocking anyway.

Galaxy Note 9 LOS 16   Galaxy S9/S9+ LOS 16

The video embedded below was linked by the developer in the threads. It shows off the build running on the S9+.

Unofficial LineageOS 16 for the Samsung Galaxy S4 (i9515/i9515L) & Galaxy S4 Active

Separately, XDA Recognized Developer ripee posted a thread on our S4 forums for a new unofficial LOS build that targets the i9515/i9515L variants, commonly referred to as the Galaxy S4 Value Edition. ripee thanks other members like PixelBootarco68npjohnson, Exodusnick, chingoboy, Roberto.caramia, sombree, and sonic_sakthivel123 for their code contributions. Although the OP of the thread says that Bluetooth calling is broken, the developer says that they managed to fix the issue just yesterday.

Lastly, XDA Recognized Developer arco68 released an unofficial build for the Galaxy S4 Active. Like the build for the S4 VE, this build has basically everything working. There are currently no known bugs, according to the developer.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Forums   Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Forums

 Galaxy S4 (i9515/i9515L) LOS 16   Galaxy S4 Active (i9295) LOS 16

Unofficial LOS 16 on the S4 Active. Screenshots by arco68.

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