Unofficial LineageOS 17 GSI released for Project Treble compatible devices

Unofficial LineageOS 17 GSI released for Project Treble compatible devices

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As part of Android 8.0 Oreo, Google released a major rearchitecting of the Android OS called Project Treble. The change aimed to help make OS updates easier, faster and less costly for device manufacturers. On top of that, Project Treble also made it possible to boot a generic, AOSP-based system image without modifying the boot or vendor image. Manufacturers seeking Google certification are required to test their devices for Treble compliance by booting this Generic System Image (GSI) and verify basic hardware functionality. However, they’re not required to make sure that everything works on the GSI. This resulted in GSIs being fairly functional on some devices and completely broken on others. To overcome this issue, developers released custom GSIs that are designed to work on as many devices as possible and with few bugs. Late last month, XDA Recognized Developer phhusson released an Android 10 based GSI that can be installed on any device that supports Project Treble. And now, XDA Recognized Contributor AndyYan has released an unofficial LineageOS 17 GSI.

The unofficial LineageOS 17 GSI offers a more customized and user-friendly version of the Android 10 GSI released last month. This new GSI should boot on any Android device that supports Project Treble, which means most devices that launched with Android 8.0+. Although it’s worth noting that Project Treble support is only required for devices with Google certifications, so you may face some issues while installing this GSI on devices imported from China.

Before you go ahead and install the LineageOS 17 GSI on your device, you should know that it’s based on phhusson’s release and, therefore, it carries forward some of the same issues and bugs. So it would be best to try out phhusson’s release on your device and report any bugs you encounter here. In case you don’t encounter any major issues, you can be sure that the LineageOS GSI would also work on your device. If you’re new to flashing GSIs, you can check out our tutorial here.

Unofficial LineageOS 17 GSI