LineageOS 18.1 unofficially lands on the Exynos Samsung Galaxy S20 series

LineageOS 18.1 unofficially lands on the Exynos Samsung Galaxy S20 series

Ever since the official arrival of Android 11, developers from all over the world have been hammering away at bugs on their build machines in order to shoehorn the Android OS onto our devices in the form of custom ROMs. As is customary, we have seen unofficial builds of the major releases, including LineageOS 18.1, surface across a wide variety of devices, the latest of which is the Samsung Galaxy S20.

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The ROM at hand is a port of LineageOS 18.1 for the Exynos Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, and the S20 Ultra, brought to you by XDA Senior Member DeHuMaNiZeD and Linux4 on behalf of Team Exynoobs. The build may not be official yet, but work continues to be done on it and an official build could be coming in the near future. It is worth mentioning that SELinux in the ROM is set as enforcing, which is a big plus in terms of security. There are some non-functional features, though. The most prevalent one is Wi-Fi Display, which has been a thorn on the side of many developers working on custom ROMs that are based on Android 11.


Having said that, the main bits that you would need to at least use this port as a daily driver are working. If you have either the 4G or the 5G Exynos variant of the Galaxy S20 running the official One UI 3.0/3.1 firmware, then you should be able to install and boot the unofficial LineageOS 18.1 ROM without any issues. There’s no official TWRP build you can use, but the developer has put together a specially-tuned unofficial build that you can install on your device to flash the ROM.

Download Unofficial LineageOS 18.1 for Exynos Samsung Galaxy S20

It’s great to see that development for a flagship Exynos device like the Galaxy S20 is slowly but steadily overcoming the odds. There’s a lot to love about the hardware, but Samsung’s One UI might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Thankfully, users of the phones can now get a taste of vanilla Android 11 with a ton of useful features by installing this build. If you feel like helping out the developer to test for more bugs or even to work on the ROM itself, feel free to download the build and take it for a spin.

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