Unofficial Stagefright Patches For MT6752 & MT6732 Devices

Unofficial Stagefright Patches For MT6752 & MT6732 Devices

We’ve previously talked about what Stagefright is, as well as given code demonstrations of Stagefright-like mistakes. Needless to say, such a large-scale vulnerability is considered a rather serious affair. The exploit was a wake-up call for several manufacturers and Google, most of whom woke up and rushed to protect their devices (and its users).

But as we do not live in an ideal world, there are devices out there that will probably never see such love from their manufacturers. These devices will continue to run on compromised builds of Android, continuously exposing their users to the risk of such exploits.


Thankfully, for a small subset of these devices, specifically those running on certain Mediatek SoCs, help has come in the form of an unofficial Stagefright patch. Created by XDA Recognized Developer and Contributor superdragonpt, the flashable recovery file patches all the CVE’s that were listed as Stagefright related exploits by the researching company, Zimperium.


This patch is claimed to work on all MT6752 and MT6732 devices, and it has been confirmed working on many phones including the Jiayu S3, iOcean Rock and ZOPO ZP920 (MT6752 devices) as well as UMI Hammer and Elephone P6000 (MT6732 devices).

If this is the first time you are hearing about these devices, you can imagine what the chances of them receiving a security fix update would be. In such instances, unofficial patches and fixes volunteered by hobbyist developers become the only means of long-term safety and usability.

The prerequisite for flashing this patch is having a custom recovery on Android 5.1.1, buy you should create a backup before proceeding (which is always a good idea even if it is not stated). If you own any of these devices, or any other MT6752 or MT6732 based device, head on over to the forum thread for discussion.

Do you own a device that will never be updated with Stagefright fixes? What measures have you taken to protect yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

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