Unofficial TWRP and LineageOS 16 are now available for the ZTE Axon 10 Pro

Unofficial TWRP and LineageOS 16 are now available for the ZTE Axon 10 Pro

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ZTE recently entered the flagship smartphone game again with the launch of the Axon 10 Pro, which serves as an awesomely priced, decent-ish flagship entry that mostly stands out because of the value it gives you for your money. Starting at $549 and carrying full flagship specs, there’s not a lot of phones out there offering you a better bang for your buck. And if you’re the type of person to mod their phones, then you’ll also be pleased with the Axon 10 Pro, as the device has received both an unofficial TWRP build as well as an unofficial build of LineageOS 16, based on Android Pie.

This TWRP custom recovery build will allow you to flash fancy things to your device, such as Magisk, easily and painlessly. And if you’re not satisfied enough with your phone’s software, LineageOS should be enough to provide an alternative experience with different features that you might like better. Both of these things should be able to open the floodgates of Android modding in your own device, given, of course, that you’d already unlocked your bootloader, which you can easily do by following this tutorial in case you haven’t done so yet.

If you’re interested in getting your hands dirty with the Axon 10 Pro, now is the time to go into our forums and download TWRP, which you can then use to root your device using Magisk or, in case you’re more of a custom ROM person, flash LineageOS to your device. If you’re planning on installing LineageOS, though, keep in mind that you might come across bugs such as a broken fingerprint sensor as well as other things that may have gone unreported. Still, if you don’t mind the risk, then feel free to go ahead and flash it to your phone.

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