Upcoming 5G Xiaomi smartphone will support 66W fast charging

Upcoming 5G Xiaomi smartphone will support 66W fast charging

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Over the past year, there’s been a bit of a fast-charging war going on in the smartphone space. Companies have been coming up with insane 100-watt and 120-watt fast-charging technologies on their smartphones that can charge up a 4,000mAh battery in as little as 13 minutes. While these are yet to make their way over to production smartphones, manufacturers like Oppo and Realme have already come out with devices featuring support for 65-watt and 50-watt fast charging. Now, it seems like Xiaomi is prepping up to join the league with a new device that will include support for even faster charging speeds.

Xiaomi 5G smartphone 66W charging

We’ve recently discovered a certification listing of an upcoming Xiaomi device that will include support for 66-watt fast charging. The device (model no. M2001J1E, M2001J1C), was spotted on China’s CCC certification authority’s website. As per the listing, the device will include support for 5G connectivity and will come with a fast-charging adapter capable of delivering 6Amps at 11 Volts. While there’s no information from the company regarding the upcoming device, we believe that it could be the recently teased Xiaomi Redmi K30 which is scheduled to be revealed early next month.

As per the recent teasers, the upcoming Xiaomi Redmi K30 will include support for dual-mode 5G. This means that the device will support 5G in both SA (Standalone) and NSA (Non-Standalone) modes. For the unaware, NSA deployments are part of the first rollout of 5G networks, wherein the 5G network and services will be aided by existing 4G deployment. Once the initial infrastructure is set up, carries will begin deployment of SA 5G. Since the device features support for both NSA and SA modes, users will be able to take advantage of the latter parts of the 5G rollout without needing a new device. The teasers also reveal that the Xiaomi Redmi K30 will feature a pill-shaped punch-hole display up front to house the selfie cameras.