Upcoming Tasker update to bring Non-Root, Per-App, Scriptable Firewall

Upcoming Tasker update to bring Non-Root, Per-App, Scriptable Firewall

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Regulars of our portal are probably familiar with the popular Android automation app Tasker.  You are also probably aware that we’re massive fans of the app and we encourage users to browse our forums so you can better master the art of Tasker scripting.

We’ve even recently begun a series of articles centered around unique, difficult, or otherwise less well known scripts to further generate interest in the app. But even if we’re able to convince new users to give the automation app a chance, many users are probably turned off from the app’s seemingly lack of active development. Well, the developer of Tasker wanted to remind everyone that he’s still alive by announcing a new featureper-app network access control.

A No-Root Firewall with Scripting Capabilities

Firewall apps have existed on Android for quite some time now, so I’m sure you’re wondering what’s so special about Tasker jumping on the bandwagon here. First of all, Tasker’s solution does not require root access. But I would be lying if I said that Tasker eliminating the requirement of root access is in any way unique. In fact, Tasker’s implementation works just exactly like the other no-root firewall apps: by creating a local VPN.

taskerheroWhat Tasker does differently, though, is the fact that Tasker’s firewall will be completely scriptable. Thanks to the incredible variety of ways that Tasker can integrate with your device, Tasker’s upcoming firewall feature is primed will undoubtedly be incredibly powerful. The developer’s Google Groups post doesn’t reveal very much information about the upcoming update, but according to him we will be able to block Internet access on a per-app or global basis by intercepting the network packets.

We can now take advantage of Tasker’s scripting to, for example, prevent Facebook from pushing notifications from your friends that spoil your favorite sports event. Or you could use it to kill notifications during a meeting so you aren’t tempted to check your phone. And like other firewall solutions on the market, you will be able to enhance your privacy by restricting Internet access only when an app is not needed, improve battery life by limiting the power consumed by your phone’s network chip, and reduce data usage by limiting background network usage.

The possibilities here are endless. I, for one, will certainly be brainstorming innovative ways to take advantage of this new feature when it’s out. I hope that this news excites some of you to give Tasker a second chance. If it does, then take a trip down to the Play Store page and join us on our forums.

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