How To Update Android Wear



Android is a platform that is constantly updating and if you don’t have the latest update you’re not going to get the newest features. Your smartwatch is running Android just like your phone. When updating it you’ll have the same options that you would on any Android device. You can do an OTA update or a manual update. We can go through both of these options so you know what you’re doing.

OTA Update

Doing an OTA update is as easy as cracking your neck so hard that you accidentally snap it and have to drive to the hospital with your head flopping all around. Just like on your Android phone, you’ll go to Settings > About > System Update. If you have an update available you’ll be able to download and install it without having to plug your watch into anything. Make sure that you’ve got over seventy percent battery life before you run any updates.




Manual Update

Now if your Android wear watch is rooted then the OTA probably won’t work. The other thing you can do is a manual update by flashing the firmware from your computer. Sound complicated? Calm down. It’s not the bad. We can go through it step by step before you have a meltdown like a baby.

This method will only work on android watches that can be connected to your computer via USB and have a working USB driver. Bluetooth Debugging is not an option here.

Let’s start by enabling ADB Debugging on your watch. Follow these steps.

Enable ADB Debugging on android wear device
Step 1: Double tap the watch face to access Google Now
 Step 2: Scroll down until you see the Settings option and select it
 Step 3: Scroll down to the About menu and select it
 Step 4: Rapidly tap on the Build Number until you are given developer access
 Step 5: Back out to the settings menu and select Developer Options
Step 6: Enable ADB Debugging

Once you connected your watch to your computer, launch ADB and type in the command “adb reboot recovery”.

This will put your watch into recovery mode.

On your Android watch, tap on the option that says “apply update from ADB.

This will put your watch into sideload mode.

In ADB type the command “adb sideload

Now drag the OTA Firmware into the command window and hit enter.

This will flash the OTA firmware zip and your device will reboot.

Good job! Now you know how to update you Android wear device. I think we also learned a thing or two about friendship along the way. Call me if you want to hang out. I don’t smell anymore.