Updates Announced for Duo, Allo, Google Photos and Posts on Google

Updates Announced for Duo, Allo, Google Photos and Posts on Google

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A lot of people are focusing on Android O right now, but there were also a number of application updates announced recently. Yesterday we talked about the new changes to Google Maps where the application will finally remember your preference to avoid tolls. We also learned that this update even included a new feature that allows you to share your location with a friend or family member. Some of Google’s other applications received some interesting updates as well, including Duo, Allo, and Google Photos.

So first up we have the new audio calls feature that was just announced for Google Duo. Duo has focused on video calls since it was launched, and many people have been asking for the application to allow people to make VoIP calls. Google is doing a test run of this feature in Brazil first, but the company promises that they will also bring the audio-only calls to Google Duo users around the world “in the coming days.”

Duo’s companion application, Google Allo, is also receiving a couple of new features with one of them being specific to Brazilian users. If you live in Brazil and speak Portuguese, you can now tap on the Smart Smiley icon in the compose bar so the application will suggest relevant emojis and stickers. The new feature that Google Allo users worldwide will get to use though is the ability to send files to each other. This will support files with the .pdf, .docs, .apk, .zip, and mp3 extensions.

A new update was also announced for Google Photos that enables faster backups and sharing functionality no matter what type of connection you have to the internet. This means your photos will backup in a “lightweight preview quality” on 2G connections, which will then be replaced with high quality versions when you’re on WiFi. The last of these announcements is for the Posts on Google feature. This enabled US presidential candidates to post directly to Google and reach their target audience.

However, the company is now opening up the application process and will allow organizations and people within specific categories to post directly to Google.

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